Galapagos to Marquesas

We safely arrived in Marquesas in French Polynesia after leaving Galapagos April 16th. Galapagos was amazing and seems far away now after we sailed 3045 nautical miles over 20 days to arrive here in Nuku Hiva May 6th. All of the highs and lows and the excitement of the Pacific crossing are here on a video we made (sit down with some popcorn in the evening, it’s 45 min). I had so much fun making this video, it’s a great way to tell a story.

Meanwhile, here are more pics of Galapagos

Sea Lions everywhere
The comically elegant Brown Pelican

In Galapagos, BBC filmed the hatching of marine iguanas and by chance caught on film the first time, snakes hunting together en masse. Really, check out this video, it’s an amazing piece of cinematography. There are more videos of our sights in Galapagos at the same YouTube channel above 🙂

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