Bobbing amongst the container ships at the entrance to the Panama Canal
And we made it through the Canal
Opening of the last locks: arrival in the Pacific
West Holandes, San Blas
West Holandes, San Blas
Man with a gun gets a snapper for dinner, West Holandes, San Blas
Pretty healthy reef, West Holandes, San Blas
Reef wall dive just off the shore, West Holandes San Blas
Anchored off the shore of West Holandes, San Blas
Thanks you guys for your sacrifice—West Holandes San Blas
We bought SIM cards and snapper from guys in dug out canoes—San Blas Islands Panama
Cafe Lunático, Getsemani, Cartegena
Calle de la Sierpe, Cartagena
Plaza de la Trinidad, Cartagena
Many instagram-able sites in Cartagena
The morning after The Washing Machine
Small adult dorado – caught underway to Colombia
Bonaire Salt Flats shipping pier
St. George’s Fish Market, Grenada
Tuna at St. George’s Fish Market, Grenada (black eyes mean the fish are fresh–this guy looks like he’s staring into my soul)
Bream at Rhonde Island, Grenada
Rhonde Island, Grenada
View from Tim and Jessica’s place in Dominica ❤
Silk cottonwood tree that survived Hurricane Maria
Sailing out of Portsmouth harbour early in the morning

Calle de San Juan, Cartagena
Calle de San Juan, Catagena
Plaza de la Trinidad, Cartagena
Chilling out in COVID-times at Plaza de la Trinidad, Cartagena
Making fancy pink squid fishing hooks
A max boat speed of 14.9 knots hit in The Washing Machine off Colombia
Scrappy landscape of Bonaire
Windmills in Bonaire
Carriacou beach fish market
Carriacou beach vibe
CHECK CHECK CHECK it out! LiBatteries ❤
Grenada boat projects
Coconut for breakfast
Hermit crab
Dominica: Still happy hanging out
Cleaning the winch in Dominica
Buying chunks of beef in the market in Portsmouth
This is a thing
Pat fishing for Jackfish, Barbuda
We bought snapper and SIM cards from guys in a dug out canoe—San Blas Islands, Panama
An example of a nice looking boat that didn’t have a first mate to pump out the bilge
Still getting along well—St Martins
Happy smile of a man retired
Arrival of the boat in STT from BVIs – Nov 4 2020
Our boat floats
Cruise ship Covid shut down on an empty beach – Sint Maarten
Trigger fish for dinner
Happy New Year everyone!
Set a line during passage – but sadly no fish